About Us

Everyone at Harvest Moon Woodworks passionately imagines a time when the dream of trying to create something beautiful meant something to us – because it still does. Every day that we come to work we get the opportunity to make someone’s world a little better – and that is more than just architecturally compelling. It is the very thing that drives us.

We provide clients with expert design services and manufacture the highest quality custom cabinets for new construction and home remodel projects. Our goal is to create functional, beautiful, and creative spaces that fit our clients’ lifestyles while adhering to project needs and budgets.

Whether working directly with the homeowner or collaborating with contractors, interior designers, and architects, we strive to ensure that the process is inspiring, thoughtful, and enjoyable from project inception to completion. We pride ourselves on our uncompromising attention to detail and are committed to providing a seamless experience with exceptional results.

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