The Process

For every end, there is a beginning. And a beautiful end product demands thoughtful consideration to scope and timing. We recognized that changing your environment is a powerful catalyst for improvement. How to get there from here can seem a bit overwhelming at times. However, no one ever finished anything without starting it, so this is where we begin.


Information Gathering

You have an idea. We have experience. To marry the two, we have to communicate. What do you want to see? How can we help? At this point we love getting to know you and your desires. In fact, we want to get to know you just as much as the what, when, and where of your project.



Once we understand your vision, we can articulate that in real world cost expectations. At this early stage of the process, we can give a ‘best guess’ scenario of the cost considerations of your woodworking project. The more accuracy we have about the task at hand, the more accurate our preliminary pricing can be.



As soon as you choose us to invest in you, we need you to do the same to really create a model of your ideal project. A good design takes time and being thoughtful to really ‘imagineer’ an environment which is perfect for you. To begin this phase, we take a design deposit. This is credited back to your project once we have completed the work.


Design Modifications and Approval

Naturally, any first draft deserves a revision, even if only slightly. This is where our minds get to meet. It is a pretty exciting day when an idea is born. Plans are the most beautiful when every concept, every hope, and every challenge is addressed and thoughtfully considered. When these needs have been met, the lights go out and the stage comes in to view.



A long time ago, the future was now. However, due to the nature of the space time continuum, we still have to plan for it. We need time to merge materials, hardware, and labor. Once we have the availability of those things assessed, we can give you an expectation for a real world schedule that uses the present to create your future.



Finally, we’re at bat. And believe you me, we want to knock it out of the park for you. We keep a state-of-the-art ‘laboratory’ where even the most fanciful ideas become your reality. An important part of your space’s interior is being built. Right now. By us! We couldn’t be more excited.


Delivery and Installation

Here we are. The day everyone has been planning for and dreaming about. When we arrive at your place, we are thrilled to be bringing the very best of ours. When it is all said and done, we are so grateful to be a part of your world. The time we’ve spent together to make all of this happen is worth the time alone. To see an idea become a reality is perhaps the most amazing achievement we can hope for!

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